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…And now some answers to questions you may have about the fees & services.

Does Birch Tree Counseling LLC take my insurance plan?”

Birch Tree Counseling LLC is not in network with any insurances.

Birch Tree Counseling LLC does support and assist with the process of using out- of -network benefits through your insurance policy.  This is encouraged for reimbursement for a percentage of session fees.  

“What does “Out of Network Benefit” mean for me and how much will my insurance reimburse?”

Most often your insurance plan will have an out-of-network component to your policy. This is coverage for when you are receiving services from a professional that is not in their network. This coverage is usually listed as a percentage of reimbursement coverage.


Birch Tree Counseling LLC is unable to quote exactly what your insurance will reimburse as every policy is different.  However, you can call your insurance and ask what they are willing to reimburse for an Out of Network Mental Health provider.  Birch Tree Counseling LLC can provide you with the CPT/billing codes that would be associated with your requested clinical services. 

Most clients receive 60-80% back in reimbursement.  Some clients have full coverage/reimbursement and a small portion of clients have no coverage.  

The clinician will provide you with a ‘superbill’ document on a monthly basis for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

For further information or assistance with this process, please contact Birch Tree Counseling LLC via the contact form, as well as your insurance company’s member services department.

“How private and secure is the teletherapy video platform?”

The platform that is used is HIPAA compliant, secure and private to ensure that the sensitive nature of the session is protected.  A unique link will be sent to you inviting you to your specific session to ensure privacy.

In the event that there are unforeseen challenges with telehealth platform the clinician will offer a secondary option that is also HIPAA compliant and encrypted via a secure Zoom link.  Birch Tree Counseling LLC pays for the most secure version of Zoom virtual services to ensure safety and security within the session. 

“Why is Birch Tree. Counseling LLC only doing teletherapy? Do we really need COVID-19 precautions?”

Yes, we are in 2024 and most COVID-19 protocols are a thing of the past.  The teletherapy services remain the method of services delivery for a variety of reasons:

  1. Teletherapy allows for flexibility for clients that live anywhere in the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania to receive therapy services through Birch Tree Counseling LLC.

  2. Teletherapy allows for flexibility for scheduling and/or rescheduling purposes.  Additionally, it allows for more availability with urgent or crisis intervention sessions. 

  3. Teletherapy allows for session to continue as planned despite client, clinician or household family members’ diagnosis of illness or COVID.

  4. Teletherapy allows for reasonable rates and session fees as there are not expenditures factored in that would otherwise be an issue for a physical location.

  5. Teletherapy allows for sessions to be held in the comfort of your own space thus creating an opportunity for reduced anxiety and removes obstacles of traffic commute or inclement weather situations. 

  6. Teletherapy allows for services to be provided to immunocomprised individuals in a safe and healthy manner. 

  7. Teletherapy allows for services to be available to individuals with limited access to transportation and/or limited access to child care.

While there are pros and cons to both teletherapy and in-person therapy, Birch Tree Counseling LLC is committed to creating the most optimal therapy experience. .

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