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Hello! Welcome! Please Come In and Sit Awhile!

So Nice to See You! Let me be the first to welcome you to the Birch Tree Counseling LLC. Blog page. It is so nice to have you here to take time for your emotional wellness and to prioritize your relationship, and to get to know your counselor.

What can you expect from this blog space? Success in therapy does not only exist in the skills, strategies and knowledge brought by the counselor; but rather, those things are complimentary to the personalities, values, and uniques qualities of the clients and the counselor alike.

So this blog space is here for you to get to know me, Rachel Kendzejeski LCSWC, your counselor and partner in healing and emotional growth. You will also see helpful considerations and therapeutic tips to get through current events and common life challenges.

Any Ideas? If you have any ideas for discussion please comment below and let me know. In this world of virtual COVID living I hope you will consider this space as an emotionally safe place to learn more about yourself and grow.

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