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Surviving Election Day 2020 When Your Partner is Your Political Opposite

Time for a relationship check up!!

Your Challenge Today Should You Choose to Accept It.....

Take 5minutes today to think about and plan how you will show love, respect and kindness to your partner during this 2020 Election Day.

Events today can trigger stress, anxiety, anger, worry, excitement, and anticipation.

Prioritize your partner, your mental health and your relationship over news media and social media. Keep in check the level of media obsessing during today and the next few days as the results trickle in.

Consider these 6 tips for surviving the election while in an inter political relationship.

Also consider your words and statements you say to your partner today. Work on mindfulness and avoid statements like:

>”you’re an educated person I can’t believe you would vote to them!”

>”if you vote for them we won’t make it through the next four years!”

>”you’re vote is cancelling out my vote, I can’t believe you would do that!”


Instead speak with kindness and share supportive statements. Reframing hurt and fear to optimism, respect, caring and curiosity:

< “I’m glad we were both able to vote in this election.”

<“No matter the outcome of the election, I love you and we will support each other over the next four years.”

<“How are you feeling today? Maybe we can ______(ex. make a special dinner tonight; spend some time together without our phones and television going off about the election.)”

< “What do you need to feel ok today?”


However you decide to prioritize and support your mental wellness, your partner’s wellness and your relationship; make purposeful efforts today.

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